Welcome To AddVantages

Addvantages, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, is an Information Technologies company focused in data management.

We have more than 20 years supporting big and complex projects in Europe and the Americas for the financial services and insurance sector, also for telecommunications and industry companies.

Addvantages offers professional solutions to care about the data in your company, allowing your company to be more efficient and competitive in it’s own business.

We cover expertise know-how in data integration, data migration, database management and data quality management along with other related issues to data and information management. This allows your company to focus in your own business, delegating this complex issues to us.

Who Is AddVantages

Our mission is to add value for your company delivering professional solutions to achieve highest level of quality of data and information providing your company with the necessary fundament to be more competetive.

The company values are client focused and solution driven. This can only be done we our vast background, large experience and continous knolwedge improvement. The company is built on a solid foundation of trust and profissionalism.

Some of our Clients in Banking Sector

Some of our Clients in Financial Services Sector

Some of our Clients in Insurance Sector

Some of our Clients in Telecommunication Sector

Some of our Clients in Industry Sector

Some of our Clients in Public Sector